In Class Collection Problem


A community produces 50 lbs of solid waste per week per household and is served by a solid waste collection facility once a week. The facility uses a 20-yd3 truck to serve the community. The vehicle compacts the refuse to 400 lbs/yd3. The average time to drive from the garage to first container location is 15 minutes and time to drive to the transfer station and deposit the refuse and return to the route is 20 mins. Time to drive from the transfer station to garage is 10 mins. Time for breaks including time to go to restroom is 30 mins and time lost due to jams and other reason is 10 minutes. A working day is 8 hours. From the collection video determine the average time to collect refuse from one household and drive to the next household. Calculate:

      The number of households the truck can serve before it has to go to the transfer station.

      The total number of households the truck can serve in a workday.