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Lesson 4: MSW Landfills

Landfill Plans Review Questions

1. Is the landfill above or below ground?
2. How large is the cell?
3. Is the cell divided into hydraulically separate subcells?
4. Describe the components in the LCS.
5. What is the slope of the bottom liner?
6. What are the spacing, the diameter, the slope and the material of the LCS pipes?
7. Are the manholes serving the LCS pipes inside or outside of the landfill?
8. Do the plans address the cover? If so, what are the components of the cap?
9. Will gas be collected? If so, how?
10. Describe leachate storage and treatment.
11. What is the spacing of any monitoring wells?
12. Do the plans describe the filling plan? If so, what is it?



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