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Lesson 4: MSW Landfills


Definition: engineered method of disposing of solid waste on land in a manner that protects the environment

Operation: spread refuse in thin layer, compact it, place daily cover (soil, ADC, geonet, tarp, etc.) over waste at end of day
Compaction of Placed Waste
(Note: New Construction)
Compaction of Daily Cover
Equipment Used to Apply Foam as Daily Cover Material
Older Landfill(Note Covered Waste Cells
and Recently Placed Waste at Right)

Site Selection Factors Affecting site selection

Volume Requirements

Review: Text, Example 4-1
Review: Text, Example 4-2
Rework: Example 4-2 with 30% diversion, daily cover 15% of volume, population 150,000, percapita generation rate 6.4 lb/cap/day, specific weight 1200 lb/yd3. Answer 4.81 million yd3

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